Semi-Sweet Wines


Mosquito Moscato

Lush, fruity, and delightful sweet with juicy peach and tropical fruit flavors.

Lifeguard Chair Pear (Sauvignon Blanc) 

Crisply tart, and delightfully fruity with a luscious combination of pear, pineapple, and banana flavors.

Sun Kissed Strawberry SOLD OUT

This Strawberry—Rhubarb blend is not overly sweet with a bit of tart finish. Perfect for fall evenings around a campfire.

Paddle Boat Pineapple (Pinot Grigio) 

Leaps out of the glass with juicy sweet pears, succulent, ripe

pineapple, and a bright and flowery fragrance. A perfect pairing with seafood.

Peach Beach (Chardonnay) 

The ripe character of Chardonnay made refreshing by the addition of fresh picked peach and apricots.


Melon Marina

Easy drinking for those long summer nights. Light and fruity, the sweet notes of melon are the perfect complement to the clean crisp cucumber.

White Cranberry Cabana (Pinot Gris) 

Bursting with the sweetness that has made White Cranberry a unique and popular flavor, this wine is very easy to drink and is perfect for backyard barbecues and sharing with friends.


Groovy Grapefruit 

Tangy grapefruit combines with sweet, citrusy passion fruit for a well-balanced rose


Pink Sky Morning (Pink Moscato)

Notes of Cherry, Strawberry, and Raspberry are blended perfectly with Moscato


Seaside Sangria 

Scents of orange, lemon, and lime that will marry with cherries on your tongue to create a sensational sipper that balances sweet and citrus flavors.


Strawberry Sunset (White Merlot) 

The delicate red berry notes of a White Merlot enhanced by ripe strawberries to make a refreshing easy drinking wine.

Red Raspberry Dragon

This blush wine has been given some fire of excitement with the addition of sweet dragonfruit then gently splashed with tangy cool raspberries. Light the grill and sear some spicy shrimp skewers.


Blueberry Lagoon (Pinot Noir)

The tangy, sweet burst of blueberry combines with the light-medium body and cherry-spice flavors of the Pinot Noir to bring a delicious blueberry fruit flavor to your mouth. Serve with Brie and crackers.

Elderberry Eclipse SOLD OUT

This wine has a bluish-purple deep color with a bold elderberry  flavor. Not too sweet and perfect for watching the fall leaves change color.

Raspberry Reef (Merlot) 

The trendy Merlot's fruit forward style accented by luscious black raspberries. Serve with opened faced prime rib sandwiches.

Pomegranate Paradise (White Zinfandel) 

The Pomegranate's earthy, rich juice balances with Zinfandel's    robust grapes creating a delicate slightly spicy sweetness that has a particular uniqueness on the first sip and leaves you wanting more.


Cherry Coast SOLD OUT

A delicious, semi-sweet cherry wine!


Red Cranberry Cabana (Malbec)

Combining the mouthwatering juiciness of cranberry with the plum, black currant, and sweet cherry of Argentinean Malbec makes a wine that's luscious and perfectly balanced for sweetness.


Blackberry Breezes (Cabernet) 

Cabernet’s natural rich black fruit character enhanced by the zing of fresh ripe blackberries. A great compliment to barbecue.


Berry Bay (Shiraz)

This wine features juicy apples, succulent strawberries, plump blueberries and ripe raspberries that give you that fresh from the fruit stand feeling. Summer in a glass all year long!


Orange Citrus Sunrise  (Sangria) 

Sweet and citrusy notes of juicy blood orange and ripe peach blend with crisp apple undertones for the perfect summer wine. Very fruity, refreshing and easy drinking.


Black Cherry Boardwalk (Pinot Noir) 

A delicious Pinot Noir varietal with characteristics of fresh red    berries and luscious black cherries. Pair this fruit forward wine with grilled salmon and steamed vegetables for a culinary delight.


Sand Dollar Sangria (Sangria)

Sweet, ripe raspberries mixed with juicy peach undertones for the perfect summer sangria—fruity, refreshing, and easy drinking.

Sandbar Hard Cider

Blackberry  Pomegranate  Raspberry Lime  Strawberry Kiwi

Dry Wines


Italian Pinot Grigio 

Though dry in character and with a pleasant zip of acidity, this

Pinot Grigio shows off a pleasant floral fragrance and tremendous fruit flavors, making it the perfect picnic accompaniment. 

Med Body / No oak


Washington Riesling SOLD OUT

This wine has a distinctive floral and green apple aroma that leads to a crisp finish.

Med Body / No oak



A distinctive grape varietal with unmistakable zesty citrus flavors that leads to a delicious finish. Excellent with spicy foods or desserts.

Med Body / No Oak


Viognier SOLD OUT

The intense fruitiness of this beguiling wine suggests rich sweetness, but it shows a surprisingly dry and aromatic finish. A delicate yellow color, tinged with the variety's typical 'green-gold' hue, it bursts out of the glass with apricot, peach and spice aromas.

Med Body / No oak

Frost Moon SOLD OUT

This modern New World white highlights the apricot and floral notes of Viognier, the minerality of Riesling, and the tropical aromas of Chardonnay.

Med Body / No oak

Silver Moon 

This wine has a lively golden hue that reveals a combination of floral notes and apple crispness. The long finish and medium body makes it a great off-dry wine for sipping.

Med Body / No Oak



Full of citrus and tropical fruit flavors and warm vanilla oak

Med Body / Med oak


German Muller-Thurgau SOLD OUT

A crossing of Riesling and madeleine Royale, it was created in 1882 by Dr. Herman Muller (of Thurgau, Switzerland), after whom it is named. This wine is crisp and clean, with flavors of green apple that are highlighted by its floral residual sweetness.

Med Body / No Oak

White Angel  - Military Donation Wine

Rich and boldly fruity from a blend of Chardonnay, Muscat and Riesling that delivers up a floral aromatic nose and a fine mix of peachy, honey, pineapple fruit finishing with a perfect balance of acidity and fruitiness. 

Med-Full Body /  Light oak

Dessert Wines

Red Eye Red (17% Red Velvet Coffee) SOLD OUT

Summer SolstICE (Cabernet Franc ICE Wine)

Winter SolstICE (Riesling ICE Wine)

Chocolate Riptide Raspberry

Chocolate Cherry Cove SOLD OUT

Chocolate Strawberry Cyclone SOLD OUT


Lambrusco SOLD OUT

A medium-bodies red wine with flavors of raspberry, strawberry, and peppers. This wine is ruby in color with aromas of strawberries and cherries. It has a clean and smooth attach with great lengths and structure. It is pleasant drinking red wine with exquisite red berry flavors that make this wine very enjoyable and you will notice its strong finish paired with an attractive freshness.

Med  Body / No oak

Pinot Noir 

This wine is a bright ruby color with delicate aroma of red berry favor and a hint of herbs. This wine is excellent with salmon, roast beef and lamb.

Light-Med  Body / Med oak



The pride of Italy's Tuscany region, this blend is famous for its full, dry character and elegant flavors of cherries and blackberries. Sturdy and robust, with tangy undertones and a slight spiciness.

Light-Med Body / Med oak


Nebbiolo SOLD OUT

This medium body wine has a rich dark cherry color, spicy fruit notes, and finishes with a deep and long-lasting flavor.

Med Body / Light Oak


Harvest Moon (Spanish  Tempranillo) 

Gorgeous ruby red in color this medium-bodied wine is Spain's answer to Cabernet Sauvignon with berry plum and herbal notes running to a lush finish of tobacco leather and vanilla.

Med Body / Med oak


California Merlot 

The plump, lush fruitiness of this respected grape translates into a wine which perfectly balances berry and spice flavors with a smooth, supple texture. Mouth-filling and delicious; a standout with grilled meats.

Med Body / Med oak


Crimson Moon (Okanagan Meritage) 

This dry, medium-bodied wine opens on the nose with delicious aromas of red currant, cassis, vanilla, cigar box, and spices. On the palate, it unveils a round mouthfeel with polished tannins for a supported finish. Enjoy with beef, bison burgers with blue cheese, garlic lamb chops with chickpeas or triple cream cheese.

Med Body / Med oak


Argentine Malbec SOLD OUT

This wine features notes of ripe red black berries and a hint of baking spice.

Med-Full Body / Med oak


Cabernet Sauvignon

The noble California red grape. Rich in tannins, it produces a deep, full-bodied wine with intense aroma and flavor. A robust wine, perfect with red meat or wild game. Best when aged for several months.

Med-Full / Med oak

Italian Montepulciano

This wine features deep red color with blackberry and peppery  tannin levels. Superb with veal and pasta!

Full Body / Med oak


Scarlet Moon 

An ideal blending of three of California 's most popular grape

varieties - Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot, coming

together to make a perfectly balanced, well- structured dry red wine.

Med - Full  / Med oak


Red Devil - Military Donation Wine  

The main grape variety is Merlot; but this is no ordinary Merlot. This rich ‘off-dry’ red is deep in color with a nose of raspberries melded with vanilla aromas. Fruit forward and rich in the mouth, with gently smooth tannins and ripe berry flavors.

Med Body / Heavy oak


Black Moon SOLD OUT

Cabernet Sauvignon’s structural intensity perfectly complements the ripe fruit and chocolate flavors of Shiraz to form a rich and hearty red wine of outstanding character. Big, bold, and dark!

Med– Full Body / Heavy oak

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